Major fashion brands to integrate more eco collections

Sixty-four major fashion brands have committed to the Global Fashion Agenda for more eco-responsibility in their production, aiming for progress by 2020.

The Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), committed to the eco-responsibility of fashion, has received the signatures of 64 of the world’s largest groups and brands, all committing to both improving the sustainability of clothing and increasing recycling. Among them Zara, Asos, H&M or Adidas.

A major aim of GFA will be to encourage clothing recycling in the industry. Nowadays, 9.5 million of the clothes thrown away every year are still in good condition, just as 30% of our wardrobes has not been worn for more than 1 year.

At the moment, few major players show way more than 15% eco collections among their assortment as pointed by Retviews in their latest research.

Source: Retviews

While these collections may be criticised for not doing enough to drive strong change, a number of experts among the sector argue that they can be useful for companies to build up sustainable practices by experimenting new materials, processes or sourcing strategies.