Meet Bernardo Carreira, Founder of 8000Kicks

The #PeerlessFounders interview series focuses on the stories of incredible founders who have succeeded in launching truly special brands that we love, not only for their strong ethical and sustainable standards but also for their style.

8000Kicks is a Portuguese brand selling unique shoes made of hemp. Each shoe uses 72% less CO2 and 70% less water than your average shoe. In addition to be 100% vegan and using eco friendly products, the outsoles are made from 100g of recycled algal brooms.

Let’s start with an easy one, why hemp? Why “8000kicks“? 

My favorite question (smiles). Hemp is great material. Most people don’t know but Hemp is a super eco-friendly material: it consumes 5 times less water than cotton, it requires almost no pesticides and herbicides to grow, it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and it even purifies the soils (that’s why they call it weed, it grows everywhere). At the same time Hemp is also a very strong material and it was used by Henry Ford himself to make cars. And Hemp is also cool right?

8000Kicks comes from the fact that Hemp originates from 8000bc, in Taiwan. Which is as old as agriculture itself. 

Almost 2 years after your first prototype, you start having a pretty high quality sneaker. You even launched a second colour of kicks, but are you thinking about expanding your product line to other hemp products?

We have many ideas and we are expanding to new colours and models, but that is a very slow process and we test, test and test again. We spend a lot of time and money in R&D for each pair and that guarantees that we have a good product.

Do you think that one day you will be able to also source your hemp in Portugal as well to improve your production cycle?

Yes, would love to. Not only from Portugal, but also USA, and other countries. It would be a dream to have all countries going back to pre-ban hemp production levels.

Is there a way to encourage the PeerlessLabels Community to buy your kicks?

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