Meet Camille Liebaert from RectoVerso

The #PeerlessFounders interview series focuses on the stories of incredible founders who have succeeded in launching truly special brands that we love, not only for their strong ethical and sustainable standards but also for their style.

This week we had the amazing opportunity to meet Camille Liebaert from the Belgian Brand Recto Verso !

Recto Verso is a high-end sportswear brand defined by superior quality fabrics,
sophisticated designslocal production and smart technology. 
Recto Verso was born in a sample-size confection lab in the quest for performance- enhancing fabrics for athletes. It is the culmination of 130 years of Liebaert Textiles’s know-how and daughter Camille’s young, revolutionary mind. Their range of premium sportswear and athleisure not only bridges the gap between generations, it also walks the tightrope between robust quality and the luxurious feel of seamless design.
Every piece is 100% Belgian made.

What did inspire you to create Recto Verso ?

RectoVerso was an idea from my father, CEO of our mother company Liebaert Textiles. Liebaert Textiles has been making the most innovative and unique elastic fabrics and narrows in the world for over 130 years. Mostly for big (lingerie) brands such as Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer & Hugo Boss. All of our production process takes place in Belgium, which makes us a lot more expensive than other textiles manufactures. Due to changing market condition Liebaert Textiles lost a lot of big clients that shifted to Asian textile suppliers as from 2010. We needed to reinvent ourself and look for other markets, which led us to the technical, medical and sports industries. From the latter came a research at the Sports Science laboratory at the University of Ghent to design and test compression leggings in 2017. We had the fabrics but not the ability to produce garments, so we started a garment making department. Once we had everything in house, the idea to start our own brand with all of our own fabrics was born. Sustainable, innovative & fashionable

Recto Verso produces clothes for tennis, cycling, running, yoga. Do you practice all those sports?

With RectoVerso we don’t want to focus on specific sports, we want to appeal to anyone. When you look at our ambassadors they do a wide variety of sports; from basketball, athletics and football, to sailing, gymnastics, and squash. Myself, I used to run a lot but had to stop due to a runner’s knee. Now I play football on a competitive level and occasionally play tennis or go cycling.

Do you think that this Covid crisis will affect the way people dress?

I think (and hope) people will shop more consciously. We already see this in our webshop, where sales have been booming ever since the first lockdown. People want to shop more locally, want to invest in better quality and want to contribute to a better world by changing there purchasing behaviour.

We could see the first men’s items for the Cycling collection, can we expect to see more some menswear in the near future ?

We’ve had so many requests for men’s clothing that we’ll probably launch a small men’s capsule next year.

Visit Recto Verso‘s page if you wish to know more about the brand 🙂